Q. How does ThawTable defrosting tray work?
It helps to conduct the warmer, room temperature air into the frozen meat, and the cooler temperature into the board, thereby raising the temperature of the frozen meat and defrosting it.  Want to speed up even faster, prop our defrosting tray up  2-inches(Wine Cork, Bottle Cap, Orange Juice Cap), which accelerates the thawing process, by increasing room temperature air flow around the surfaces.

Q. Why use a defrosting tray? 
A.  Using a Microwave, which seems to be the go-to rookie mistake, dries out edges of meat and can even cook your food. By properly defrosting with ThawTable, you are containing more of the juice in your meat, keeping it moist for cooking. Similarly with alternative thawing methods, like water thawing or counter thawing you have to more tightly follow recommendations, regardless of always being aware of them, as these are deemed not safe and can lead to foodborne illnesses and bacteria multiplying. 

Q. Why ThawTable over some of the other defrosting trays? 
Our premium design enables a quick thaw, saving you time and enabling you to prepare you meal quicker. Our proprietary non-stick surface is a game changer when it comes to cleaning, just pop your ThawTable in the dishwasher and repeat! With our customers being our favorite chefs, we thrive quickly deliver our produce ant provide superior customer service to the at home cook.

Q. What are the crevices and lines for?
A.  The lines on the ThawTable allows for room temperature air to circulate under what you are defrosting and water to run off as your meat and veggies defrost. 

Q. What is the best way to store meat in the freezer to defrost later?
A. The best way to store meat(Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb...) in the freezer to defrost later is flat with as much air removed(use a vac sealer if possible). This way when thawing your meat, you will maximizes contact of your meat with the tray, expediting the defrosting time.

Q. What items are a must for a defrosting try and should never go in the microwave(too delicate!)?
A. Smoked Salmon(too delicate), Broccoli(loose nutrients), Frozen Fruit(Proteins can be rendered into to carcinogens)...Let us know if you have any other major no no's @ThawTable.

Q. Can I use ThawTable as a cutting board?
A. You should not cut one any size defrosting tray(ThawTable Family, ThawTable Medium defrosting tray, ThawTable Travel Tray). Using your ThawTable defrosting tray as a cutting board can damage the non-stick coating. Just like any non-stick pan, cooking utensil, or kitchen accessory that is non-stick, you should avoid using metal on it as it was damage the coating. For those who are already defrosting their food the right way, you know our proprietary non-stick surface is a game changer when it comes to cleaning, just pop your ThawTable in the dishwasher and repeat!

Q. Any Recommended Cuts of Meats that defrost well?
A. If your defrosting your food the right way, hint hint: with ThawTable, then anything you thaw has the potential for a great meal! However, some of our favorite foods to defrost are Hamburger patties(Store bought or hand made) and boneless chicken breasts! We are always looking at new cuts of meats, recipes or techniques.

Q. Where's the best place to get meat online?
A. Whether your thinking premium Wagyu, American or Japanese, Short rib, to hamachi collar, If your ordering meat online, we highly recommend Crowd Cow for a selection of premium beef. Check out Crowd Cow and be amazing with your first order! hint: check out the Japanese A5 Wagyu Petite Striploin Steak its an office snack favorite!

Q. Where can I find Crowd Cow Deals and Discounts? 
A. Swing over to Order Crowd Cow to see the latest deals on anything from chicken wings and olive wagyu steaks, to king crab and PrimeWaters organic Mussels!

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