We Found The Best Espresso Tamper For Home Coffee Making

Best Espresso Tamper Set For Home Coffee Comes with Milk frothing pitcher, Tamper Mat, Latte Art Pen and high-quality wooden handled espresso tamper on kitchen table

We looked high and low for an Espresso Tamper. After talking with baristas, home chefs, our favorite coffee shops, we settled on Kyonano's Espresso Tamper set. It has everything you need for home coffee making.
Included: Espresso Tamper, Milk Pitcher, Tamper Mat, Latte Art Pen
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Best Espresso Tamper Set For Home Coffee Making Two piece wooden and metal tamper
Espresso Tamper
As we were looking for a great espresso tamper for making coffee at home, let us start with the tamper. Kyonano uses a high-quality wood from Africa called sandalwood. To the touch it is really soft and isn't uncomfortable if you are making back to back coffees for Sunday brunch. We've all been there! The standard for metal in cooking ware and kitchen utensils is 304 Stainless Steel, which the detachable metal is made of. Being able to unscrew the wooden handle from the metal is a nice touch for cleaning.

Best Espresso Tamper Set For Home Coffee Comes with Milk Frothing Pitcher
Milk Pitcher
When I'm making espresso it is usually for a latte. iced latte in the Summer and a regular/hot latte in the summer.  That is where the milk pitcher is your best friend. The milk pitcher holds a total of 350ml, marked on the inside with a scale so you measure how much milk you pour in. The milk pitcher is also very handy and great for frothing milk if you are making hot chocolate!

Best Espresso Tamper Set For Home Coffee Comes with Tamper mat to protect counter and rest portafilter
Tamper Mat

The tamper mat was something I thought we didn't need at first, but it was really great all around and a staple of the kit. Made out of silicon, it is easy to clean, to say the lest. When I'm not suing my Espresso tamper I will use the mat as a stand. It keeps my counter clean and protects my brand new tamper and our kitchen counter. Recently,  we have been using our tamper mat to rest our portafilter(What you put your ground coffee and press your tamper down on) on while we are filling it with coffee grounds and pressing down on it. This just gives us a bit more support rather than holding it up in our end. This is especially handy if your are pumping out coffees for friends and family and your portafilter is really hot, as it allows you to rest it down without damaging your counter. 

Best Espresso Tamper Set For Home Coffee Comes with Latte Art Pen to make designs with frothed milk in your coffee
Latte Art Pen
The latte art pen we have not doze too much into but sure can be fun to mess around with it . It is used for making shapes and patterns in your coffee, which we still have miles to go when it comes to even making a heart or leaf in our coffee! It is really great to use a a poker for coffee if you ever find grounds stuck in the tiny holes. Be carful is sharper on one end.
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