Order NYC Delivery Waste Free In Reusable Containers

DeliverZero brings you your favorite food delivery and pickup spots, without the waste. We are not just talking opting out of receiving utensils, but eliminating(A better form of opting out) disposable food ware. 

ThawTable DeliverZero Reusable packing Takeout and Delivery in New York City

On average, reusable containers eliminate the 40% of waste from typical packaging. Now if we take a step back from microwavable or preprepared packaged lunch time meals, it is just the container their food comes in that is being wasted, but there is more bagged associated(no pun intended).

You have to think about the plastic or paper bag they put your food in, your paper receipt, included napkins(either way too many or not enough) and those utensils that even when you opt out of, they find themselves in the "I Heart NYC" plastic bag. As you can see, the largest issue from a sustainability perspective, is the container. So how do we eliminate takeout food containers?

With DeliverZero's "Zero Waste Restaurant Delivery" in NYC you can return your old containers to the delivery courier, drop off at any of the partner restaurant locations, or schedule a pickup if you have been stockpiling containers.

Lunch time Arepas through sustainable takeout food fro DeliverZero Reusable packing Takeout and Delivery in New York City from Arepa Flatiron

For our first order we went with the Uptown Arepa( Verde arepa Sauce(cilantro, parsley & lime), pulled pork, avocado, tomato & jalapeño). And it was perfect! We scheduled the pick up ahead, came at the slotted time, even though they were very flexible and it seemed we swing right in after ordering, in the future. Upon arriving at Arrepas Flatiron, the arrepa was actually made to order and I was able to choose some add-ons and arrepa components. This was a lunch to remember(and we have already gone back of course reordering through the sustainable mobile app)If you are in the Flatiron district, or Manhattan lone, this is a great Lunch option, let alone any meal!

Love the DeliveryZero reusable container, you can keep it for $3.25 plus tax! More practically, if you do not return your container in 6 weeks of receiving it(via food pick up or delivery) your account is charged $3.25 for the cost of the container. All things considered, 6 weeks is more than enough time, even for a busy person, to get their container.

Give it a try and receive $10 off your first order with DeliverZero and thats not even accounting for the waste reduction!

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