Best meal replacement shake for when you’re on the go

Mornings can be tough, and having enough time for a complete breakfast can be even tougher. Most weekdays I find myself scrambling out of the door, maybe grabbing a handful of nuts or a protein bar. While breakfast steak is on our mind, not practical for a morning meal and even us who are self proclaimed thaw masters, it would take a bit to get a steak ready.

Then 11am would roll around and the hunger would kick in, leading me to over-eat during lunch, and rely on unhealthy snacks to keep me rolling throughout the day. 

So I decided I needed to find a better option in the morning. I started experimenting with different types of protein powders that I could throw into a shaker and take with me. Given our love for quality butchered meat, I wanted to find something with enough calories to power me through the day, and enough pure, not synthetic protein to keep me fueled for my workouts in the evening.

I tried out a ton of different proteins and settled on Green Peak’s Premium Vegan Protein. We wanted the protein we got from our shake to be as close to the protein we got from thawing and chefing up one our prime cut steaks. It has 30 grams of protein per scoop, which is awesome for a plant-based protein, and it also has added vitamin B12 which our bodies use to turn calories into functional energy. Being plant based it’s easy on our stomach in the mornings which is when I don’t always want to eat a heavy meal, and one of the few times you’ll find us passing up a steak.

I found myself staying full all the way into lunch, and my energy levels were so much more consistent. This protein also boasts and anti-inflammatory blend that really solidifies this as my new go-to morning routine, when not steak and eggs. Health experts today know that chronic inflammation in our bodies is one of the leading causes of all major diseases. Green Peaks has Turmeric, Black Pepper, and Bromelain, all working together to reduce chronic inflammation. Just another reason for me to add it to my daily routine.

If you’re like me and can’t find the time to get a wholesome healthy breakfast in the mornings, check out Green Peak’s Premium Vegan Protein. It comes in Vanilla and Chocolate, I’m a fan of the chocolate but to each their own! Let us know what you think!

Green Peaks Labs Vegan Protein Powder - Fitness Instructor holding up her recommended protein for meal replacement when you’re on the go

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