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The Rarest Wagyu

The bees knees of wagyu. Unless we have missed something, there is nothing toping it on the grade of steaks. It has been coined the rarest steak on the planet and the world(unless there is some Mars Wagyu).

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Chateaubriand aka the giant Filet Mignon

Consider it the fillet mignon father! The Chateaubriand is cut from the center of the short loin, and is essentially a large center-cut fillet of beef tenderloin. Don't worry if you are still confused, just give the cut a try and you will be wondering when you are ordering your next one. 

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Defrosting Testimonials

Delighted with Thawtable and service. This is a great addition to my kitchen


"This tray is unbelievable! My pre-formed frozen hamburger defrosted in 35 minutes, completely thawed all the way through. This is going to save me a LOT of aggravation."

Triona F

"Really happy with the product. I am impressed with how fast it thawed. I was able to thaw a 16oz salmon fillet in about 15 min. In a safe and effective manner."

Gary Q

"As a busy mom of 4, I always forget to take out the meat, this has been a life changer. I can take out my frozen meat and put it on the tray straight away when I come home from work."

Katie CL

I've tried mine and the tray can thaw in half time. It took me 1 hour and a half to thaw 2lbs of chicken. All the meat was evenly thawed. Very quick delivery through USPS


4 day delivery to NY. Highly recommend product. Effective communication with website when required.


All I can saw it is perfect. Looking forward to using it over the holidays


Really well-polished works very well as expected. I need to thaw frozen ingredients from my freezer on a daily basis and this tray is a game changer...this is so much more convenient and effective!

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